Athletic Updates

Starting February 26, 2021, Washington County is now operating at the Moderate Risk level for at least the next two weeks.   Since we are at the moderate risk level our maximum number allowed in our stadiums, gyms, and fields, by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), are listed below: 

  • Stadium maximum 150
  • Designated Field area maximum of 150

  • Enclosed gym maximum of 50% capacity (125 sq feet of space per person) or 100 maximum- whichever is smaller 

    • At Westview we are able to have 98 people in our lower gym, and 42 people in our upper gym.  

Therefore, with these OHA requirements in place, the number of spectators in attendance at each Beaverton School District High School will vary by each sites size and/or number of participants, coaches, required management, and administrative supervision required.   

It is important to note that should Washington County return to the High-Risk level, any time in the future, and the current OHA guidelines on capacity limits were to not change we expect the Beaverton School District would not be able to allow spectators to any events. 

Therefore, to stay in compliance with the OHA guidelines for the upcoming Season 2 Athletic the following standards will be in place at each BSD High School starting Monday March 1, 2021. 


  • By the OHA guidance, only 150 people maximum are allowed in a stadium, thus we do not believe at this time there will be room for spectators to be admitted.  With the larger number of participants, coaches, required management, and administrative supervision the 150 maximum will not allow us to open the facility to families. 
  • Westview is working on determining the number of spectators that we will be able to accommodate at football games. This will be communicated through the program early next week.  

Volleyball, Soccer, and Cross Country 

  • Only the host school families, for that contest, will have access to tickets.  The number that each school allots will vary based upon team size and support needed to run the event.  Given projected numbers, the guidance on family tickets to be distributed will be that each team family will be allotted up to a maximum of 4 tickets for entry.   (Note: the ticketing process may vary by school, yet will meet the guidance shown above.  Families will need to follow this process in order to gain admission)  
  • No students, from the host school, will be admitted unless they are a sibling of the immediate family for that athlete 
  • Visiting spectators will not be admitted 
  • Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth, at all times 
  • Family Groups must maintain 6-foot distance at the venue 
  • No concessions will be sold 
  • Immediately following each contest all fans will leave the facility promptly.  The plan is to have everyone exited with-in 5 minutes following completion of the contest. 
  • Entrance to the contest will take place no earlier than 10 minutes before the events start time. 

    Each player has been given a laminated card with their name on it to give to their parent/guardian. This card states the maximum number of family members that can attend each home game. You must present this card at check-in. The entire group must check in at the same time.  

Varsity and JV volleyball players are allowed to have up to two family members attend their home games. Due to the size of the upper gym, JV2 players can have one family member attend the games.  

Soccer players are allowed to have up to four family members attend their home matches. Due to THPRD policies, no fan attendance can take place at games scheduled at Champions Park.  

Cross Country athletes are allowed to have two family members attend their home meets.  

Family members are allowed to enter the stadium 10 minutes prior to the start of the meet/game/match. Please wait in your cars until you are able to enter the facilities. Do not line up outside the gates or doors. More information will come from your program regarding game day protocols.  

Additionally, the athletic department will be live streaming all our home events for those who are unable to attend due to COVID-19 concerns or spectator limitations using the links below. There are three separate links for each place that competitions will be taking place. We are unable to stream games from Conestoga or Champions Park at this time.

These regulations will start at all of our athletic events next week.

We appreciate your support of these guidelines and understanding around the restrictions we must put into place. 

Excited our athletes get to compete!

Bball 2020

Westview Athletics would like to thank the following sponsors for their continued support!