Summer School

SUMMER SCHOOL REGISTRATION HAS CLOSED. Due to the length of summer school and new enrollment process, we cannot accept registrations on the first day.

Summer School begins on June 24th and runs through July 25th, 2019 (closed July 4th), Monday through Thursday.  There are 19 school days in the session.

Dates: June 24th - July 25th (closed July 4th for a total of 19 days/Monday-Thursday)

Summer Session Schedule:

  • Breakfast 8:00 - 8:25 am (optional)
  • Period 1: 8:30 – 10:20  
  • Period 2: 10:30 – 12:20
  • Lunch: 12:30 - 1:00 pm (optional)


Course Information for Westview

Intensive, enrichment, original credit and credit recovery courses are offered to all eligible students in the district. Students, including option school students, access their home high school first. If course is not offered, they enroll in another comprehensive high schools within the district.






Credit Recovery


Subject specific



Point Five (8.5)





Intensive Summer Course


Subject specific


A - F

Enrichment (SAT Prep)






Credit Recovery Courses (previous grade in class is an F)

Dates:  6/24 - 7/25
Cost:  $200*  
Credit: 0.5 per class (max of two and cannot be sequential classes)
Grade: Pass/Fail
Prerequisite: Must have taken course previously and failed. 

Students have the opportunity to earn credit in courses that they have previously failed. These classes are graded Pass/Fail only. Majority of the work is done through the APEX program and requires a Chromebook and BSD login. No letter grades are awarded. When you successfully complete a course during the summer, you will earn a Pass (P) grade on your transcript. You will also earn 0.5 credit. The original course grade will convert to an N (in the semester the course was originally taken) and the improved P will be entered on your transcript. 
Please note that most colleges and NCAA do not accept grades P, D or F as a passing grade toward their credit entry requirements.

  • Language Arts - Lit and Comp 9, Lit and Comp 10, Lit and Comp 11, Lit and Comp 12

  • Math - AGS I, AGS II

  • Science - Physics,Chemistry, Biology I

  • Social Studies - Global Studies, American Studies

  • Don’t see your course listed? Check with your counselor or email

8.5 – Preparing Incoming Freshmen for Westview HS 
Dates:  6/24 - 7/25  – periods 1 & 2 
Cost:  $100*  
Credit: 1 elective
Grade: Pass/Fail
Prerequisite: None
The goal of the 8.5 Course is to help incoming freshmen transition from middle school to life as a high school student. Students will learn about the school, its culture, meet several of their future Westview teachers, and boost their academic skills all while having fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Here are just some of topics the course will cover:

  • Introduction to Westview High School
  • Responsible and Safe Use of Technology
  • How to Use Canvas
  • Introduction to Writing
  • Successful Student Skills
  • Sneak peek at some classes (e.g. Leadership, Ceramics, Science)

Bottom line - this is a fantastic opportunity to help your student get a jump start on high school!
* Discounted rates are available for students who qualify for free or reduced meals.

Enrichment Courses:  
These two-week test prep intensives are designed to concentrate on the essential test elements.  Two identical sessions are offered, 6/24 - 7/9 and 7/10 - 7/25. Time of day is TBD.


SAT Preparation

Dates:  Session 2: 7/10 - 7/25 
Cost:  $200*  
Credit: none
Grade: Pass/Fail
Prerequisite: None

Students will focus on key content and test-taking techniques and improve pacing skills using practice tests. Course content includes: Critical test-taking techniques, realistic testing practice with proctored exams, drills and homework assignments to practice outside of class.  Course materials and test book are included.

Withdrawal Policy

All withdrawals must be in written form.

  1. Withdrawal fees (listed below) are based on the following deadlines:

Withdrawal fees are as follows, if withdrawn by:


 May 24th  

After May 24th

Intensive Summer Course (ISV)


No refunds



June 21st

 After June 21st

Credit Recovery


No refunds

Graded Enrichment (5 wks)


No refunds

Enrichment (2 wks)


No refunds

Point Five (8.5/9.5)


No refunds


What are the attendance policies for Summer School? 
A parent/guardian must call 503-356-3020 the day of the absence to inform the school of all student absences and tardies. During summer school, all absences are counted.  A student will be considered absent if they are more than 30 minutes tardy. Two tardies equals an absence.  If a student accumulates more than two absences the student will lose credit for the class. There is no fee refunded if a student is dropped due to attendance issues.

Is transportation provided?  
No district transportation will be provided. TriMet bus passes will be provided to students that live 1.5 miles or more from the school but they will need to make travel arrangements to get to school on the first day.  The closest TriMet bus stop to Westview HS is on NW 185th across from the school.

Code of Conduct

All students are expected to treat faculty, all staff, other students, and the physical property of BSD with respect.  Students who fail to do so will be asked to leave the program without a refund. The rules and regulations in the Student and Family Handbook, from the prior school year, are still in effect.  All rules and regulations will be reviewed the first day of each class.

Class Cancellations

Under-enrolled classes may be cancelled. Notification will be sent, if necessary.