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Westview's counseling mission is to utilize each members' ​strengths​ to collaborate for systemic change. By identifying and eliminating barriers, students will be able to access their educational, college and future career goals that will no longer be determined based on race, ethnicity, family economics, mobility, gender, sexual orientation, disability or initial proficiencies. We commit to strengthen and establish a Westview community where all staff, students, and families can find a place to belong.

Message from Principal Matt Pedersen

Westview Students and Families,

The recent killing of George Floyd has invoked a response from our communities, nation and world. Mr. Floyd’s death is another event that emphasizes the fear our black community faces every day. Centuries of oppression and anti-black racism still exist in our country. Many of our students are paying close attention and speaking out. This is the time for us all to listen, learn and change.

Westview High School stands with our black community and all of those who experience racism. We stand with all of those who are hurting, scared, and outraged. We know that institutional racism exists in our educational systems and we have a responsibility to respond and work to change the system. If we want our school community to be unified, all must feel safe. If want our black students (and all students of color) to succeed we must address the disproportionate discipline, access data and the biases that present barriers to success. There are members of our community who deal with racism every day and most of those people are not reflected in the staff that stand in front of our students. We need to listen, learn, and change.

Racism has no place at Westview High School. We are committed to working every day to make our school a safe place. We take pride in the diversity that graces our halls. Our work to create a school community that is safe and inclusive is continuous. We are committed to learn as a staff and learn alongside our students. We ask our students to “Rise to the Challenge” and in order for them to do this, we all must respond and speak out against racism every time.

This is a hard time to be away from one another. Our students want to talk about what is happening and support one another. Our staff want to be with our students and let them know that we hear them, see them, and are willing to listen. As educators and parents, we need to partner together to help our students be the change for our future.

As always, please reach out to any of us if you need any support.


Matt Pedersen



Department Staff

How we support students

       Personal and Social


College and Career Ready


Westview counselors deliver direct and indirect student services as we work to promote student achievement, equity, and access for all students.

Direct Student Services

We enjoy meeting with our students in-person to deliver the school counseling core curriculum, individual student planning, and responsive services.

School counseling core curriculum: The curriculum is comprehensive in scope, preventative in nature, and developmental in design. It promotes mindsets and behaviors competencies developmentally appropriate for high school students in the areas of academic achievement, career development, and personal-social growth. We facilitate the systematic delivery of lessons or activities aligned with our mission. Often we partner with staff to deliver lessons to reach all students.

Individual student planning: Help students establish personal goals and develop future plans so they can monitor and manage their own learning, as well as develop academic, career, and personal-social competencies aligned with the school counseling core curriculum. Through analysis and evaluation of data and students' abilities, interests, skills, and achievement, we help them determine immediate and long-range plans.

Responsive services: Provide counseling to help students overcome issues that are obstacles to success, as well as support and assist students in critical and emergency situations. We help students identify problems, causes, and possible solutions so they can make decisions. Counseling is short-term and goal-focused but not therapy. We can refer out for those who need more therapeutic support.


Indirect Student Services

We provide indirect student services on behalf of students through referrals, consultation, and collaboration with others.

Referrals: Direct students and parents to school or community resources for additional assistance or information. These resources may include academic support (e.g. tutoring), career support and college planning, and personal-social support to treat mental health issues (e.g. grief, anxiety, suicidal ideation, abuse, depression)

Consultation: Share strategies that support student achievement with parents, educators, and community agencies. Consultation with others helps us advocate for students to promote academic, career, and personal-social development. We receive information about students’ needs and identify strategies that promote student achievement.

Collaboration: Work with other educators, parents, and the community to support student achievement and advocate for equity and access for all students. We collaborate through teaming and partnering with other stakeholders, serve on committees and advocate for programs and resources, and facilitate or organize parent informational workshops around student developmental issues that address the needs of the school community.