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Ann Voorhees:  College and Career Coordinator

Dear Community, You’re Invited!

It's time for our annual "Mock Interview” event for all juniors at Westview High School DECEMBER 10th and 11th 2019.

We would be delighted and grateful to have you join us as a mock job interviewer.

If you have not joined us in the past, we will hold over 600 interviews over two days in the school library. To give students a close to real world experience, interviews are run as if they were applying for an entry-level job.

Mock Interview volunteers are needed from 8:00-11:15am and 11:45am-2:30pm on both Tuesday, December 10 and Wednesday, December 11.  Refreshments will be provided.

To volunteer for the mock interviews, you must have a profile that is matched with Westview. 

To create a profile, please submit the District’s Volunteer and Background Check Application as either a Parent/Guardian or Community Member.  You will receive a confirmation email as soon as this has been processed and your profile is matched with Westview.

Or, if you already have a profile, but it is not matched with Westview, please send an email to

To sign-up for the perfect Mock Interview shift for your schedule login to your profile. Under the opportunities tab, select Westview and then Calendar View. 

Thanks for your consideration. I know your time is valuable, and we really appreciate every effort you make to share it with us during this important annual event at Westview High School.


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Options After High School

4 Year Schools

The Oregon Career Information System (CIS) is a wonderful resource for students and parents alike to research post high school options, including two and four year colleges and universities. Login using the Beaverton School District Student Bookmarks or​ click the image below to go directly to the BSD Student bookmark page.​​​ 

Oregon CIS Globe Logo

Other resources include CollegeBoard and College Navigator and Apply 101

The Common Application allows you to complete one application for multiple colleges including University of Oregon, Lewis and Clark, Linfield College, University of Portland and many more across the country. The Common App typically opens in July before senior year, but students may set up an account earlier.


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2 Year Schools

Oregon community colleges offer transfer degree programs to a four year university, dual enrollment for simultaneous enrollment in a four year university, associate degree programs,  and certificate programs.

Check for Oregon Promise grant information on free or nearly free tuition.


Students can also choose to enlist in the military as a post high school option, either as enlisted personnel, through an ROTC program, or by applying to one of the Military Academies. Those accepted to Academies or who earn a ROTC scholarship have free college with a military commitment as an officer. Standards are rigorous. See individual military branch website for further details or visit with a recruiter at WHS. Make appointment in the CCC.

General Military Information

Gap Year

In the field of college applications, a GAP-year is a year taken between high school and college. During this GAP-year, students engage in extra-academic and non-academic courses, language studies, volunteer work, travel, internships, sports and more, all for the purpose of improving themselves and their resumes before going to college. These academic GAP-years are also called Pathways, Prep-Year and Bridge-Year.

A simple google-search will yield much more about GAP Year programs, considerations and things to ask. Do diligent research before deciding on the GAP Year option, including reaching the college or university you would like to apply to in order to find out what their philosophy is on the GAP Year. Some colleges will defer admission for a gap year, most colleges will not defer scholarships offered to the student if they choose to take a gap year before starting college.

Careers and Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship is a training program where you earn wages while you learn a skilled profession in a specific field, such as construction, health care, or culinary arts.  Apprenticeship combines classroom studies with on-the-job training supervised by a trade professional. Much like a college education, it takes several years to become fully trained in the occupation you choose and to earn the wages of a professional, or journeyman in the craft. 

The Oregon Career Information System (CIS) is a wonderful resource for students and parents alike to research post high school options, including pre-apprenticeship programs. Login using the Beaverton School District Student Bookmarks or​ click the image below to go directly to the BSD Student bookmark page.​​​

Oregon CIS Globe Logo


In partnership with Oregon businesses and local apprenticeship committees, the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) Division works to ensure that programs offer quality career opportunities through paid on-the-job training and education, with a focus on construction, industrial and manufacturing trades.

Click this link to go to


Financial Aid


Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to apply for financial aid for college. 

Oregon State Aid Application (ORSAA) form for students ineligible for federal financial aid due to immigration status.


Students may view the WHS scholarship list post in Canvas or look under right-hand column at the top of this page.

Other scholarship resources include: Oregon Student Access and Completion (OSAC) found at this link , GoingMerry found at this link , Sallie Mae found at this link


Oregon Promise:  This state-funded program may pay for community college tuition for two years at Oregon community colleges; Applicants must file a FAFSA and achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.5 by graduation. 

Financial Planning

Net Price Calculators: all college websites must include this tool to help families estimate how much they will be expected to pay if their child attends that school. Questions about family finances and student academics and extracurriculars are typical in making the estimates. Put "net price calculator" in the search box on any and all college websites. It is required that they have a net price calculator. 

CSS Profile: This form is required by some private schools to judge parent contribution in addition to the FAFSA. 


 School to career

CRLE Opportunities

Please click here to find a list of the upcoming Career Spotlights.

Space is limited.  When you are approved for an event attendance is important.  If you have any questions please stop by the WHS CCC.


ASPIRE matches students with trained volunteers to help them Explore career and educational options, Choose the best fit Apply and Pay for their post high school educational choice.

If you are a junior or senior, stop by the CCC to enroll in this free program.

If you are a community member, please contact Westview High School College Career Center for information on how you can volunteer. Visit the state ASPIRE site


Everything  about the ASPIRE Program made me feel like my ideas and interests were getting put first.

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