Career Pathways


Career Pathways
2021 - 2022


The Career Pathway program provides students a "road map" with information on what courses to take related to a career area of interest. Completing a Career Pathway offers students the academic foundation and career-related skills to prepare them for study at four-year colleges and universities, community colleges, technical institutions or other post-secondary training related to a career in a specific industry.  While not a graduation requirement, completing a Career Pathway helps focus a student’s educational plan and earns the student recognition at graduation.  To complete a Pathway and earn a cord at graduation, students must do the following:


Step 1: Explore different introductory classes in pathways of interest during your 9th and 10th grade year. Then Prepare during your 11th and 12th grade years by completing the required number of credits and courses for your chosen pathway.

Step 2: Check in with your pathway lead in the 11th grade. Some pathways require participation in specialized programs or have additional requirements.

Step 3: Complete at least one Career Related Learning Experience (CRLE) related to your pathway.

Step 4: Demonstrate understanding by completing the pathway project. This project counts towards the required Senior Project (Extended Application) needed for graduation.

You can change pathways at any time!  Remember, while the career education activities (StEPP) are a graduation requirement, the pathway is optional (but HIGHLY encouraged).  It’s a great way to focus your education!


PATHWAYS INCLUDE (see tabs below for more information):

Applied Arts, Information and Communication Pathways

Business and Management Pathways

Health Services Pathways

Human Resource Services Pathways

Manufacturing and Engineering Systems Pathways

Natural Resources Pathways


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