Advanced Programs

Westview High School Advanced Programs

The Westview Honors Diploma is available to students who demonstrate academic rigor, integrity in their work, and a willingness to devote personal time in the service of others.  The requirements take several years to complete, so students should decide early in their high school years if they want to pursue this honor.


The requirements for the Westview Honors Diploma are:

  • 3.5 Cumulative unweighted GPA
  • Complete three years of the same world language offered at Westview (or another academic institution if Westview does not offer that language)
  • 11 semesters of advanced programs (earning a B grade or higher) or honors designated courses
  • Completion of a pre-approved Service Learning Project
    • The Service Learning Project is a combination of student coordinated and pre-approved community-based service and a reflection of the time served. Additional details can be found on the Westview website.
  • Adherence to the Westview Academic Integrity Policy

How the Honors Diploma is Awarded

The Honors Diploma will not be automatically awarded.  Students who feel they have met the requirements should submit pre-approval for Service Learning by the fall of their senior year and a final reflection of the experience in April prior to graduation.  If you are concerned about requirements - speak to your counselor or the Advanced Programs Coordinator.  Additional information about Service Learning can be found here and applications are available here.

Transfer Students

Can transfer students earn an Honors diploma?  Transfer students are welcome to meet with the Honors Diploma advisor to determine if their transfer classes qualify them for the Honors diploma. Students who complete all of the requirements can apply for the diploma during their senior year. Students who don’t complete the requirements should not ask for the requirements to be waived.

Why earn an Honors Diploma?

Why should I try to earn the diploma?

  • The diploma recognizes those students who have excelled in a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum including many honors and advanced classes.
  • Diploma recipients have shown additional effort and dedication by carrying out a major service project.
  • It is one way to become the Valedictorian.
  • Selective colleges want applicants who have taken the most challenging programs available to them. Pursuit of the Westview Honors Diploma indicates that a student has accepted such a challenge.

Which classes are considered "advanced"?

Arts:  AP Studio Art, Cantores, Wind Ensemble, Acting 3, AP Music Theory

Health: Advanced Health Careers

Language Arts:  AP Language, AP Literature, Senior Inquiry, Survey of American Lit/Writing 122, Writing 121/122

Math:  AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Statistics

Science: AP Physics I, AP Physics C, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science

Social Studies:  AP Government, AP Economics, AP European History, AP United States History, AP Psychology, Modern Globalization, Global Conflict & Cooperation, Cultural Anthropology

Technology:  AP Computer Science Principles

World Languages: Spanish V, French IV or V (highest level offered), Japanese IV or V (highest level offered)

Advanced Placement Courses

In operation since 1955, the Advanced Placement Program has a long record of providing students the opportunity to take college-level courses and examinations while still in high school. Participation in an AP class brings many benefits to students:

  • AP courses provide the chance to study a particular subject in more depth
  • AP courses prepare students for the demands of college work and help with achievement in other courses
  • Depending on AP national exam scores and a student’s choice of college, students may qualify for college credit.

Please note: For the 2019-20 school year, students who want to participate in the national AP exams in May 2020 will be required to register and pay for AP exams in the fall.  This is a change in practice for AP Exams. 

Additional information about AP can be found on the College Board website at:

AP Exam Schedule for the 2019-2020 School Year

The Spring 2020 exams will be held at the PCC Rock Creek campus in Building 9.  Late Testing will take place at both PCC and WHS, if necessary.  Due to seating capacity, some students may be moved to late testing with no additional charge.  Students who need to move to late testing who do not meet College Board’s requirement for late testing may be assigned an additional $50 late testing fee. 

Week 1

Monday, May 4th
U.S. Government and Politics
Noon – Physics C: Mechanics
2pm – Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
Tuesday, May 5th
8am--Calculus AB
8am--Calculus BC
Wednesday, May 6th
8am--English Literature
Thursday, May 7th
Noon--Physics I
Friday, May 8th
8am--U.S. History
Noon--*Studio Art digital portfolios are due by 8PM (Eastern Standard Time)

Week 2

Monday, May 11th
Noon--Environmental Science
Tuesday, May 12th
Wednesday, May 13th
8am--English Language
Noon--Music Theory (Details TBA)
Thursday, May 14th
8am--World History
Friday, May 15th
8am--Computer Science Principles


Registering for the Spring 2020 Exams

College Board has made many changes to the Advanced Placement program for the 2019-2020 school year.  Exams will still take place at the same time in the spring.  However, the registration and payment procedures have changed. 

AP has gone online.  During the first weeks of school, students will sign in to their College Board accounts and register for their AP classes with their assigned teacher.  This will give students access to additional resources for their courses.  At the end of September, students will be instructed to log into their courses and choose to sign up for the AP exam.  Students who choose to take the exam online by October 1st will be assigned a $85 fee for each exam they choose to take.  These exams must be paid for through the school’s business office by October 22nd.  Students who choose to take the exam after October 1st will be charged an additional $50 per exam and those fees must be paid by November 8th.  No registrations will be accepted after November 1st

After exams are ordered, students will receive a confirmation form.  This will confirm the exams the student signed up for, provide information about dates for testing, and require a parent signature to give permission for the student to participate in AP testing.  This will need to be returned to the AP coordinator before the end of the first semester. 


2020 WHS AP Exam Fees

$85 Per Exam

$0 If student is on free/reduced lunch

$40 If student is one free/reduced lunch but does not take the exam for which they have registered.

$50 Late test fee

Payments are to be made the WHS bookkeeper in the business office or online when fees are added to student accounts.

AP Classes Offered at Westview High School

Biology – Offered at grades 10, 11, 12
Music Theory (exam only available every other year at this time) – Offered at grades 10, 11, 12
Calculus AB – Offered at grades 11, 12
Physics C – Offered at grades 11, 12
Calculus BC – Offered at grades 11, 12
Physics I – Offered at grades 11, 12
Chemistry – Offered at grades 11, 12
Psychology – Offered at grades 9 (with prerequisites), 10, 11, 12
Computer Science Principles – Offered at grades 10, 11, 12
Statistics – Offered at grades 11, 12
Economics – Offered at grades 11, 12
Studio Art – Offered at grades 11, 12
English Language – Offered at grades 10 (w/prerequisites), 11, 12
U.S. Government and Politics – Offered at grades 11, 12
English Literature – Offered at grades 11, 12
U.S. History – Offered at grades 10, 11, 12
Environmental Science – Offered at grades 9 (w/prerequisites), 10, 11, 12
World History – Offered at grades 11, 12

Dual Credit Courses

In addition to the Advanced Placement Program, Portland Community College and other colleges also offer the opportunity for students to earn college credit while taking courses at Westview.  Listed below are courses that offer this option.  As additional courses are continually being added, students should speak with their teachers or counselor about these opportunities.

Current dual credit courses include:
Child Development 2 – Offered at grades 10, 11, 12
Marketing III – Offered at grade 12
Culinary Arts 1 & 2 – Offered at grades 11, 12
Modern Globalization/Global Conflict – Offered at grades 11, 12
Cultural Anthropology – Offered at grades 11, 12
Pre-Calculus – Offered at grades 11, 12
Film Seminar – Offered at grades 10, 11, 12
Senior Inquiry – Offered at grade 12
Human Anatomy and Physiology – Offered at grades 10 (w/prerequisites), 11, 12
Spanish IV and V – Offered at grades 11, 12
Introduction to Childcare (Child Development 3) – Offered at grades 11, 12
Survey of American Literature – Offered at grade 12
Introduction to Education – Offered at grades 10, 11, 12
Writing 121/122 – Offered at grades 11 (w/prerequisites), 12


For any questions about Westview’s Advanced Programs or Honors Diploma, please contact Kara Ferris at Westview.